Egypt Between the Islamic and the Liberal Political Forces
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Egypt Between the Islamic and the Liberal Political Forces

The competition between Islam and Liberalism in Egypt. Who will win at last?

The Liberal community in Egypt

What does Liberal means?

It wasn't very public to hear someone saying 'I'm liberal' or 'I follow liberalism' in Egypt, just few people did that and even very few people knew what is liberal.  That was due to thirty years of political blindness by Mubarak.


Islamic brotherhood effect in Egypt

On the other hand, you could see the Islamic idea very clearly represented by the Islamic brotherhood community (Ikhwan). A very strong community which has stayed in the political war zone for more than 60 years and fought many bad regimes. Their word is heard and recognized, but out of rubble, you can see a new sort of political actives called the Predecessors or (AL-salf) if pronounced in Arabic.



The Predecessors (AL-salf) get up from a long political death

Those people belong to the Islamic idea beside the Islamic brotherhood. However, they haven't had any political practice before the 25 Jan. revolution. They say that it wasn't helpful to practice politics in the presence of Mubarak as he didn't allow anyone to do that except people whom he wanted, and that's right he did that but the question is why didn't they just try?.Islamic brotherhood had tried to face Mubarak for the past thirty years and really most of them were sent to prison for nothing.

Who will win at last?

There are about six Islamic nominees for presidency in Egypt and counting. More and more people are nominating themselves as presidents every month. Everyone is fighting to prove that he is the best and he deserves the presidency of Egypt. Maybe they chose different ways but they target the same goal, the best for their country. Some politicians say that the real president hasn't appeared yet. They can't even predict if he is Islamic or liberal. Actually it doesn't matter because it's already predicted. whether he is liberal or Islamic, he must have an Islamic background, because simply 90% of the Egyptians are Muslims and about 50% of them are very bounded to their religion. They will nominate the best for their religion first and then for their country and nothing else.

In all, the whole world wants the best for Egypt. God bless Egypt and its kind peaceful Egyptians.

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