Children Without A Country: Are Americans Willing To Deny Thousands Of American Children Their Birthright?
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Children Without A Country: Are Americans Willing To Deny Thousands Of American Children Their Birthright?

Should natural born American citizens be deported?

In Robert Everett Hale's short story “The Man Without A Country” a young man curses the United States saying that he wishes he may never hear her name again. His wish is granted and the man is kept at sea the rest of his life never being allow to set foot on land, or hearing the name of the United States.

If Representative Duncan Hunter of California and others like him have their way, then despite the United States constitution and the 14th amendment, and without uttering a word against the country of their birth, thousands of our youngest and most vulnerable citizens may find themselves quite literally children without a country.

The 14th amendment says “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the state in which they reside....” As citizens of the United States we have certain rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. One of those rights is that we Americans have the right to live in the country of our birth. Yet, Hunter wants to defy the constitution and deport thousands of American citizens because their parents are illegal immigrants.

The Quandary

It is easy to understand the quandary that politicians such as Hunter are in. They want the illegal immigrants out of this country, deported back to their country of origin. Since 73% of the children who are born to these illegal aliens were born in this country they hold the rights of citizenship. As things stand now, deporting these illegal parents forces the parents to either take their children with them to their own country, or to leave their children behind in a country where they have are a citizen, and the chance for a better life.

This could, if there is a mass deportation all at once, overwhelm the social services agencies if the parents decide to leave their children behind, which seems likely since many illegals come here in the hopes of providing their children with a better life than their home country offered. This could put an even heavier burden on some of the states and the federal government to care for these children.

Sins of Their Fathers

Hunter's solution to the problem is simple. Don't worry about the legal status of these children. Simply throw them out of their own country. After all, it seems only fair to him and others like him that the helpless children should be punished for the sins of their fathers. It does not matter to him and others like him that these children did nothing wrong, that their only crime is an accident of birth. Punish them he will. Why? Because he believes that the state of California cannot afford to care for these children, their own citizens.

His logic is that finances must come ahead of the welfare of a child, or in this case many children. He doesn't worry about these children simply because by the time they are old enough to vote, his term in office will be over so why protect their rights. He is believing that there are plenty of voters who see things his way and believe that it is right to deny American citizens their rights simply because they are too young to speak up.

Children Without A Country

One of the arguments these people use to take away these children citizenship is the argument that Mexico, which is where many of these children's parents come from does not bestow citizenship on children born on Mexican soil automatic citizenship if their parents are not Mexican nationals so we should therefore defy 100 years of constitutional law and say turn about is fair play.

What their argument does say, is that since these children are born on American soil and at this point in time are American citizens Mexico may choose not allow these children to cross their borders regardless of who their parents are by changing their own laws. Should Mexico make such a counter move these children will be left quite literally with no country. What would happen to them then. Like the young man in Hale's story will we then send them off to sea, never allowing them to have a homeland of their own? Will we simply release these children regardless of age or the ability to survive along the border to form a no man's land between one country and another?

Where Will It End?

Should these politicians get such drastic measures passed, where will it all end. Many of the illegal immigrants have been in this country so long that their children have grown up and had children of their own. Will we then deport these second generation citizens born on our soil as well as their illegal grandparents, and legal parents?

If you agree that these children who are born on American soil should no longer be considered citizens of the United States, then what of children born of American citizens on foreign soil? Are we to therefore decide that since they were born in a foreign country they should also be denied citizenship? If not, will any new law denying these children born on American soil be just?

Just where will it all end. If such a measure passes and these children lose their rights that are guaranteed by the constitution then who will be next? Will we then want to pass laws denying citizenship to the elderly who can no longer work, because we can't afford their care? Will we decide to declare people receiving social services or those who have lost their jobs unfit to be United States citizens?

Will we refuse to allow American citizens to adopt a child from overseas because they are not American by birth?

Is It Time To Make a Stand?

What it all boils down to is that the politicians allowed these illegal immigrants access to this country, they allowed the numbers of these immigrants to grow virtually unchecked year after year and now faced with the dilemma of having to solve the problem they want to solve it by attacking the most vulnerable among us the children.

No matter how one feels about illegal immigrants do we as Americans really want to stand by and see legal citizens denied their constitutional rights in order to try and solve the problem? Is this really what America has come to stand for? Freedom for some, but not for all?

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Comments (14)

That is just crazy! Great reporting on this - I hadn't heard this yet

yes the land of the free does not seem to be that free anymore does it

I say do it.. Kick everyone out who isnt full blooded Native American Indian.. and I would use this argument to anyone who suggests kicking out "immigrants".. how quickly they forget..

That is crazy and stupid. If you are born here you are a citizen case closed! What does it say on the Statue of Liberty? These politicians should go read it!

Just wondering on what you are basing your assertions regarding Duncan Hunter? Do you have some quotations or sources that are definitive that you could cite? Judy here is one site. In fact I wouldn't have even known who Hunter was if it wasn't for these remarks.

Good job at giving that here but you need to cite it in your article. It is important. If you want your article to be respected and not just seen as an opinion piece then cite it properly within the body of your article - No one knows how you developed this opinion or came to the conclusions that you did. You are just making assertions without any thing to back them up. You would have a much much stronger article and a more legitimate one if you just gave your readers all the evidence that you collected from several sources and let them come to their own conclusions. I have no doubt that you could find many. Your commentary and opinion should be a minor part of your article and not the primary focus.

Marquis Canaday

Ever heard of the term anchor baby? Some illegal aliens (women) cross the American border illegally to have their babies in the United States. How is this fair to other people who wait in line to properly enter into the United States?

The Founding Fathers left interpretation within the U.S Constitution open for many reasons. But I do not believe that it is correct for illegal aliens to deliberately abuse U.S immigration laws for their own selfish benefits.

Marquis I have heard the term but, the fact remains that Immigration has the ability to depot the parents of these children and the parents then have the choice of taking these children with them or leaving them behind. You can send illegal immigrants back without depoting their American born children. So, if immigration was doing their job the term anchor baby could not apply.

No American is opposed to immigration. We are opposed to people who cross the border Illegally. It is the same in all countries. Why do so many people make remarks that accuse America of being insensitive and bigoted when we are doing no different from any country any where else in the world. In fact we are much much more lenient providing welfare and medical care for illigal aliens as well as programs to provide food and shelter for children. We have a right to secure borders. Please tell me if you know of any country in the world that has open borders and who do not have consequences if you were to come into their country without passports or visas. I have many friends and relatives who are recent legal immigrants. Come here as an immigrant. We welcome you. But don't cross our borders without permission - you are breaking the law if you do.

Judy, This article is not about the illegal immigrants and I am not against actions against illegal immigrants. This article is about politicians who want to take away the rights of legal American born children. It is a completely different issue. The two should not be tied together.

You cannot separate the issues because the parents who come here are illegal immigrants who put their American born children in an unstable position. The parents can be deported at any time so their choice is to take their children with them or put them in foster care. The illegals create this situation with no thought to the safety and security or stability of their children. This is why you cannot separate the two issues. So what should we do with the illegals who who have anchor babies here? Having a baby in the United States does not make you a citizen. It is a manipulation of immigration laws.

Judith: That is exactly why we must separate these issues. The illegal immigrants are hoping that we won't force them to make a choice and to just let them stay. Many politicians see deporting these children as a way of getting rid of children whose race they may not approve of. The fact remains regardless of what these children's parents have done or the laws they have broken the children are not to blame. They were born in this country and deserve the same protection as any other citizen. And just where do we draw the line. Should a 50 year old who was born here, lived his life here, and paid taxes here be deported because his long dead parents were illegal? And if not why should he be granted more rights than a 16 year old or a 16 month old? It's a difficult issue and there are no easy answers but, keep in mind the illegal alien situation exists because politicians allowed it to exist and continue and did little to prevent it. So why now should American citizens be held responcible for the illegal acts of their parents and the refusal to act of the politicians.

A 50 year old born in this country can stay in this country. He would not be deported he is a citizen and not a minor. Minors generally stay with their parents unless the parents abandon them and then they would become wards of the state and cared for by the state and put into the foster care system just like any other abandoned child and minor citizen in our country - they would not be deported. If a parent gets deported then they would naturally take their child with them. Your assertions and accusations that politicians want to deport children because the politicians are bigots ("Many politicians see deporting these children as a way of getting rid of children whose race they may not approve of") is baseless and you have no right to make such accusations of bigotry - you are presumptious and your comments are not fact based. If a woman wants to come here and raise a family we would welcome her to do so as we do many immigrants who get visas and come here and apply for citizenship. We do not have open borders. No country does.