10 Things Despicable About Politics
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10 Things Despicable About Politics

I don't want to waste any of our time trying to argue why politics is a bummer. Because I'd bet my head you already know why. I mean, what else is there to warrant?

(I didn't write this list to spread hate. Instead, I intend to make you realize that even if there seems to be no hope, it's actually just lurking around a corner.)

We shouldn't waste time trying to argue why politics is a bummer. Because I'd bet my head you already know why. I mean, what else is there to warrant?


While trying to come up with the top ten politics letdowns, I figured, if there was really a top ten list, this would have to be one of them. Confused much? It's so hard to even pull up a top ten list out of the countless flaws about politicians that it should be one on the list. That you can't even begin to rank the strongest arguments why it's bad, is in itself reason enough to say that it's bad.


There's no such thing as black or white in the territorial space of politics. It's always gray. And no matter how clean you think something is, there always has to be dirt infecting a corner: a skeleton in a closet. In politics, nobody is clean of anything. Even those you may wish to call the blameless party resort to the bad habits of breaking the law.


The third reason why you should hate politics is an explanation of an argument I posted on number two. Everybody bends the rules. Maybe not intentionally, or maybe it was for a good cause, but even the cleanest of them all has to sometimes cross the line.


The fourth downer in politics is that; politicians are never in agreement with their people. Those we call leaders call the law as a name of justice, a force to presume order; but really, all it does is create chaos. For when something dirty comes public, there is another law to cover up loose ends.


I'd wager the fifth nuisance with politics is our inability to express ourselves completely. Does freedom of speech ever really matter anymore? Hence when we tell something, actually how easy is it to twist things around and say we're simply just out of our minds? That we are paranoid; we're pessimists; and our opinions speak only for our "individual" selves and it doesn't matter at all. I hate to think that when critics like us take a shot on politics, we end up becoming the villains in the story.


Politics is so cliched. Honestly, do you still believe it when a candidate running for office promises something in return of winning over your vote? I highly doubt that. Let me run it down for you; It's election season. A dude gets across a platform, sprinkles it with fairy dust and naive promises. People falls for it. But the aftermath is always the same. A new man goes elected; promises forgotten.


It's very tragic that politics has been permanently labeled with corruption. It's tragic to think that even if by some miracle a perfect apple joins the rotten basket, it still will be a rotten basket. As if this has been branded on people's minds, neither optimism nor pessimism don't do much good anymore.


It's a losing battle. Not only that the badder outnumber the better, the good guys are also gravely overpowered. In a world ruled by gold and not authentic democracy, it doesn't matter if your intentions are just. Because there are always richer names who will block you on your way.


In politics, if you were a legitimate good person, the least thing that may happen to you is getting framed. Worst case scenario, you get a bullet in your head. At least that's what often happens to the righteous people who have the guts to stand up and fight in the good fight.


I didn't mean to nuke out politics this much. I still believe there is hope sleeping somewhere away. But the sad fact is that I can't think of a single reason that is enough to justify politics to you right now. I can't think of one thing to prove to you the hope I still believe in. And not being able to accomplish that only becomes another reason for me to despise politics.

So ask yourself: is this hope nothing but a vain cause? Or are you with me when I say, "there will come a change one day"? 

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